Students and Alumni

“I like that we get to pray and actually talk about God in Catholic school. In public school we couldn’t. We should be able to talk about God because we wouldn’t be
in school if it wasn’t for Him!”


“Learning in a Catholic school with kind people has helped my faith grow and prosper in a great community.”


“My Catholic education helps me be closer to God while getting an excellent education. I have been taught to use my talents how God wants me to use them
and I have made friendships that will last forever.”


“This school had had an enormous impact on my life and future. So thankful to have had the opportunity to attend in the first class of ACA!”

Drew Makowski



“A Catholic education for my children means so much to me. I know they are receiving an excellent level of academics, but more importantly they are in a school where the focus is on a positive, loving and Christ-centered environment. My husband and I feel so blessed to see our children thriving in our parish school!”

Susan Beck

“For our children, Catholic education has meant learning with a purpose. Instead of a set of memorized data, there is a context that knowledge can empower positive change.”

Dr. Chip Molthrop

“So proud to part of this beautiful school.”

Stephanie Tolan

“I am the product of a Catholic education which helped instill the values I still live by today and I wanted the same for my children. I felt that I was taught to serve others and give my time and talents to those who needed it most. It is invaluable for children in this generation to learn the importance of having values and standing for them while also understanding the importance of volunteering and being a reflection of Jesus to others.”

Ada de la Osa

“So grateful that ACA exist! Great school and faculty.”

Jen Simoni

“I am grateful for Monsignor Caverly’s diligence and perseverance in creating this wonderful school that is home to my children. I can even remember him speaking about it when I attended church as a child and of course, not knowing the impact it would have on me and my family in the future.”

Sarah Borgia

“We are finishing our 19th year at ACA. We have met the most awesome friends (both kids and parents). The teachers and the staff have been amazing and truly cared for our children and their best interests. I really can’t imagine our children going anywhere else for elementary and middle school. The values, education, and the love within the community have been the absolute best. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and we will miss you!”

Julie Vandendriessche

“So blessed to have this school community.”

Katie Williams

“Three of my kids graduated from LMHS and the teachers there say the best kids at LMHS come from ACA!! They love ACA kids!!”

Carolyn Molthrop


Alumni Families

“ACA is hands down the best school in the Diocese. The academics are rigorous and engaging and the welcoming and vibrant community is unlike any other. I have heard ACA described by respected individuals in the education community as ‘lightening in a bottle’ and they are absolutely correct. I am still close friends with many of the people I met at ACA and two of my closest friends who are alumni also chose to send their children to ACA. Having the opportunity to be a part of the ACA community as a student, teacher, and parent gave me the unique opportunity to see just how incredible ACA really is. The impact that the school has had on my life will be everlasting and I can only hope the same for my daughter.”

Cristina Saenz – Class of 2000

“My favorite ACA memories include, the kind teachers, 8th grade buddies, and all the fun Walk-A-Thons! Sending your first born off to kindergarten is very intimidating and there wasn’t a moment in his kindergarten year, or any time since, at ACA that I have felt nervous or uneasy. There is nothing like the administration, faculty, and church community that ACA offers. I know my kids are in the absolute best hands.”

Katie (Connor) Williams – Class of 2004

“We choose to send our kids to ACA because we want them to have a Catholic education that is strong academically.  Also, Mrs. Kahle was my homeroom teacher in 8th grade – and I still remember how caring and fearless she was in making sure we did the right thing in the right way.  We know our kids are in good hands.”

Sean Dennis – Class of 1997

“There was never a second thought about our children going to Annunciation because we value the academic standards, religious intersection and safety offered. The teachers are integral parts in helping us raise our children and we only want the best for them, which we are confident they receive at ACA.”

Tyler Leavy  – Class of 1999

“Having been a student at ACA, there is a comfort in the familiarity, but more importantly, we feel the community is welcoming and tries to make everyone feel a sense of belonging, whether they have been a part of Annunciation for twenty years or two days. We truly value the sense of community between the Academy, the preschool, and the parish. There is a sense of connection and togetherness that helps us feel like we are a part of something special, something bigger than just our family…While the academic strengths of the Academy were undoubtedly a factor in our decision, it was just as important to us as parents that the school environment be a great fit for our children, one that embodied the same values and priorities that we do as a family at home. While we are proud to see our 1st grader develop academically, it brings us more joy to see her grow as an individual, develop meaningful friendships, and grow in her Catholic faith with a genuine understanding of God’s presence in our lives.“ Natalie’s favorite memories from her ACA years were the Walk-a-Thon and the Talent Show, “at the Walk-a-Thon, there was an energy and excitement and it felt like a celebration of what we could accomplish together, as a community. It felt like we were all a team. Equally fun, but in a different way, the Talent Show allowed us all to celebrate individual talents, skills, and passions…that sometimes went unseen or unknown until they were up on the stage.”

Dr. Natalie Arcario Mroz – Class of 2000

“I have the best memories from when I attended ACA and made my closest friendships. I loved cheering at the basketball games, attending the school dances, and participating in the walkathons.  Nowadays, school safety is an important factor to consider when sending your child to school. I know from personal experience that ACA cares about our family and will do everything to ensure the safety of my child. That is comforting to know I do not have to worry about the safety of my child when she is not in my care. I also expect she is being challenged academically while being allowed to learn and speak of God in a safe, open environment. As a parent, you want your child to learn at her highest ability while fostering a well-rounded person with good character.  ACA provides the platform for our girls to thrive and grow.”

Kristin (Ritter) Horwath – Class of 2000




“I am so very grateful to the people with whom and for whom I worked during the best years of my professional career. Annunciation Catholic Academy is truly a blessed place. I am so grateful to have worked with Msgr. Caverly in bringing it all to fruition.”

Dr. Margaret Curran
Founding Principal