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Online Learning Information

This site exists to provide information and resources so that students can continue to engage in a distance learning environment in the event of school closure. Although campus is temporarily closed, school continues as we engage students with experiences that continue the planned learning program and help them to stay connected with teachers and classmates. Learning experiences will involve a balance of on-screen and off-screen tasks that help connect to previous learning and current curriculum.

Materials and Technology Needs by Grade Level

Grades K-2: Computer or iPad with internet access, parent support, basic art supplies (crayons, paper, markers, etc.)
Grades 3-5: books, binders/notebooks, computer or iPad with internet access, parent support
Grades 6-8: books, binders/notebooks, school-issued iPad or computer with internet access, parent support

NOTE: A smartphone will not be a sufficient learning device.

Student and Parent Roles an Responsibilities

Technical Resources


Important Reminder: For the privacy of our students and teachers, parents and students are not
permitted to repost any video posted by your ACA teachers. All videos created as part of our virtual
learning during this period are deemed proprietary and available only to our ACA community. Please
respect the academic integrity of our faculty and the privacy of students by avoiding sharing virtual
lessons on social media or personal websites. All school-owned iPads should continue to be used by
middle school students for academic purposes only. Student iPad cameras should also be used for
academic purposes only.


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