Our collection consists of over 10,000 books, over 1,000 audio visual materials, teacher resources and parent resources. These materials are available for student, teacher, and parent check-out.

The media center is open from 7:30 AM to 3:45 PM each school day.

Stained Glass Windows

In 1907, St. Martin of Tours Church was constructed on 22nd Street and Scovill Avenue in Cleveland. The stained glass windows in the church were supplied under a contract with George-Boos Studios in Munich, Germany. In 1957, the church was scheduled for demolition because it was located in the path of the new Innerbelt Freeway.

The Administrator of St. Martin of Tours Church called Mr. Poremba, an authority on stained glass and the owner of Poremba Stained Glass Studio, Inc. in Cleveland. He was asked to remove two windows from the church before it was wrecked. As Mr. Poremba removed these windows, he noticed the other magnificent windows in the church and inquired about them. He was advised that the church was moving and did not want the windows. The church was to be demolished in a few days.

Mr. Poremba immediately contacted Monsignor Evanko of St. Martin of Tours church, to ask if he could remove the windows before the demolition. Monsignor Evanko gave Mr. Poremba permission to remove the windows. The windows became the property of Poremba Stained Glass Studio, Inc. in Cleveland where the widows remained in storage.
When the Academy was being built in 1995, the collector offered a panel of the windows to Monsignor Caverly, and the Media Center was designed to highlight them.


Encyclopedia Britannica Online – School Edition

Encyclopedia Britannica is available for students to use at school and at home. Britannica Online School Edition gives teachers and students instant access to four complete encyclopedias and other resources that ensure consistency with classroom topics and age-appropriate language. Students can search for information in the encyclopedias and also in the atlas, timelines, learning materials, magazines, websites, and videos for more information and homework help.

Username: orlandodiocese
Password: school

Accelerated Reader Lists

Accelerated Reader Enterprise access is available to parents through this link, and instructions for using the site will appear here. Renaissance Home Connect improves the school-to-home connection by allowing parents to log into a website and view the student’s reading practice results. Access to online results promotes discussion between parents and students, which motivates students and can make reading practice even more effective.
In addition, parents email addresses to receive automatic updates in English or Spanish on their student’s reading progress. Access codes are distributed to parents by each student’s teacher.

You can access the AR Bookfinder by logging into your Home Connect Account or through this link:

Destiny—Our New Library Catalog

Students can now access our library catalog from home. Students can search for books in the library using the online library catalog. Students can also login to see their account information, put books on hold, write book reviews or put books on the wish list for the library. In order to login, students need to enter their username (lastname.firstname) and their password (stars). This will also allow students to view their accounts and see books on loan, overdue books and fines.

How to Access Destiny

  • Follow this link
  • Click on our school name.
  • Click login to access your account.
  • Enter your user name: lastname.firstname
  • Enter your password: stars
  • Now you can search for a book using the library search bar.

When you click on a book title you can:

  • Click Hold It to put the book on hold
  • Click the reviews tab to write a review
  • Click the Wish List button to request a book be added to the library
  • Click the My Info tab to see:
    • Books on loan to the student
    • Overdue books
    • Book fines