Art Program / Contests


Weekly art instruction for primary and intermediate grades introduces the basic concepts and vocabulary in the field of art in a sequential manner keyed to the student’s growth and development. The foundation skills of working with art media and equipment are introduced and built upon. Drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, and crafts are included. Whenever possible, art instruction is tied to units of study in the academic curriculum. Fifth grade, for example, studies American art while learning about the colonial period in social studies.

Middle School

Middle school students take an art elective one hour a day for four and a half weeks. These classes try to reflect students changing interests, attitudes, and capabilities. The electives that students choose from include Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Mixed Media, Sculpture, and Ceramics. All elementary and middle school students are encouraged to participate in regional art competitions, the Diocesan Art Fair, and other competitions. Opportunities for additional art instruction are presented in the form of after school small group classes and summer art camp.




The Annunciation Catholic Academy band program features two different bands. The beginning band is open to all students in fourth grade and above and requires no musical experience. The advanced band is open to any student with at least one year of experience or six months of private instruction. Both of the bands at Annunciation Catholic Academy are wind bands which include flutes, clarinets, oboes, saxophones, trumpets, French horns, trombones, tuba, and percussion.

In the Annunciation Catholic Academy band program, not only will your band student learn their particular band instrument, they will also learn the art of musical performance. Many techniques are taught to mitigate nerves during a performance, which also transfers to many other aspects of life including test taking, college/job interviews, and more. For more information, please contact our Band Director, Dee McAfee via email.


For elementary school students, weekly instruction in music helps students develop a love of music and how it can become an important part of their lives. Various aspects of music are introduced through song and movement activities. Songs are introduced in relation to special holidays and units of study as well as part of a study of different genres: classical, jazz, rock and country. An understanding of music notation is mastered through instruction with various instruments. Opportunities for additional music instruction are presented in the form of after school small group classes and summer music/drama camp.


Each year, middle school students put on a theater production alternating between musicals and dramas. Our students’ many talents are highlighted through the use of our modern theatrical stage which includes state-of-the-art lighting and sound equipment. Each middle school student is encouraged to audition and/or participate in the production through such responsibilities by being actors or stage managers, running lights and sound, or helping backstage with costumes and makeup. Participation in drama allows students to gain greater confidence while making new friends and special memories.