Elementary School

Each student in the primary grades has a buddy! Kindergarteners have an eighth-grade buddy who escorts them to mass and models good church manners. These buddies also work together throughout the year on other academic activities. First graders attend school masses with their seventh-grade buddies. In addition, first graders have third-grade buddies to give them an opportunity to share books and practice reading skills. Second-grade students are buddies with the fifth-grade students. The fifth-grade students model good reading practice to the younger students.

Middle School

Seventh and eighth-grade students also participate in the school’s Buddy Program. Each eighth-grade student is paired with a kindergartner and each seventh-grade student is paired with a first grader. The older students serve as role models for their buddies and are involved in several special activities with them throughout the year. They also accompany their buddies to Mass and help them become active participants in the liturgy.