Tuition rates for the 2024-2025 school year are as follows:

Annual Tuition
10 Month Plan
Paid August 1st – May 30th
Active Parishioner Rate $8,830 $883 per month
General Community Rate $10,700 $1,070 per month

Please know that we are sensitive to the fact that tuition impacts a family’s budget. The total tuition is divided over the ten months. The first tuition payment will begin August 1.

Tuition includes all books and curriculum fees, except the annual registration fee.

The active parishioner rate is only awarded to Catholic parishioners. The Pastor and Principal will determine which families qualify for the active parishioner rate based on the following criteria:

  • Regular attendance at Mass
  • Use of the stewardship envelope system
  • Involvement in parish ministry (for example: lector, usher, Eucharist Minister, special parish projects, etc.)
  • Registered members of the parish for at least one year

Financial Aid Application

Must be completed for each family applying for financial aid. The online application must be submitted no later than March 15. To apply for financial aid, click on this link: FACTS and create an account.

For information regarding financial aid, please contact our bookkeeper at FINANCIALAID@ANNUNCIATIONACADEMY.ORG.

Step Up for Students

Step Up for Students offers several K-12 scholarships. Please click on their website below for more information. Annunciation Catholic Academy accepts the following scholarships: FES-UA, FES-EO, and FTC.

Please click here to learn more.


Annunciation Catholic Academy Endowment and Charitable Trust

The Annunciation Catholic Academy Endowment and Charitable Trust has been established with the Catholic Diocese of Orlando to ensure that our parish school maintains a margin of long term excellence in its facilities, equipment, curriculum and programs that tuition revenues alone may not be able to support. Specifically, the Trust seeks to assist the school in achieving the following objectives:

  1. Tuition Assistance: The Annunciation Catholic Academy School Board has established the goal of providing up to 50% tuition assistance for 15% of the students attending the Academy. It is the intention of this goal to provide cultural and economic diversity among the student body and to increase the accessibility of Catholic education to a broader base of parishioners. All requests for financial assistance are processed by an independent advisory company.
  2. Continuing Education for Faculty & Administrators: In order to recruit and retain excellent faculty and administrative staff members, Annunciation Catholic Academy intends to initiate programs of continuing education to foster professional growth for its faculty and staff members. The programs will range from “in-service” workshops held within the Diocese to formal degree course work at area colleges and universities.
  3. Technology and Curriculum Enhancements: Educating children to live their faith in a global, technological society requires a considerable investment of resources. Keeping pace with new developments in technology and curriculum cannot be absorbed into reasonable annual tuition fees. Maintaining the Academy’s position as a model of effective technology integration for cognitive and academic purposes is essential for the school to continue its commitment to excellence in all areas.

About the Trust

The Annunciation Catholic Academy Endowment and Charitable Trust establishes two funds:

  1. A general operating account where contributed funds may be dispersed on an annual basis to meet tuition assistance and other current educational needs.
  2. An endowment fund which specifies that the corpus cannot be invaded and only the interest earned thereon can be used for approved expenditures.

Unless otherwise specified, funds contributed to the Trust will be deposited into the general operating account where current needs will be met. All residual funds will then be transferred to the endowment fund for long term investment.

Funds contributed to the Trust are managed for Annunciation Catholic Academy by professional money market managers who are evaluated and rated by professional investment advisors on a quarterly basis. The Trustees follow a sophisticated and diverse investment strategy in an effort to achieve financial returns consistent with the Trust’s objectives. All funds contributed to the Trust are tax deductible.

We may not be able to live forever, but naming the Annunciation Catholic Academy Endowment and Charitable Trust as a beneficiary in a will, insurance policy or trust will enrich the lives of untold generations of students through future endowments. The bequest can even be held in trust to benefit a spouse or family member and thereafter be used to carry out the interest of the donor whether in tuition assistance, faculty and staff development and curriculum enhancement.

Bequests offer the opportunity to give now while paying later. Charitable trusts provide an annual income to the donor, while offering a charitable deduction and reducing capital gains taxes. Estate taxes can be reduced through planned giving. Charitable trusts, life insurance, appreciated assets, annuities and bequests provide excellent vehicles for giving a larger gift while preserving current income. The Development Office of Annunciation Catholic Academy would welcome the opportunity to discuss the many options available.

For more information concerning special bequests, please contact Very Rev. Ivan Olmo, V.F. or Patricia L. Kahle, who will arrange a private and confidential meeting with the appropriate development officer.

All donors to the Trust will be included on the school’s mailing list and will be sent an annual report detailing the activities of the Trust.

If you wish to be a partner with Annunciation Catholic Academy in fostering educational excellence within the Annunciation parish community, we hope you will become an active supporter of the Annunciation Catholic Academy Endowment and Charitable Trust. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact:

Very Rev. Ivan Olmo, V.F., Pastor
Annunciation Catholic Church
P.O. Box 3846, Longwood, FL 32779


Patricia L. Kahle, Principal
Annunciation Catholic Academy
593 Jamestown Blvd., Altamonte Springs, FL 32714

An application for tuition assistance can be obtained from the school’s bookkeeper at FINANCIALAID@ANNUNCIATIONACADEMY.ORG. The Financial Aid Application must be completed for each family applying for financial aid.