Our Mission and Philosophy

Annunciation Catholic Academy is located on the campus of Annunciation Catholic Church in Altamonte Springs, Florida. The school was built through a parish-wide effort and opened for its first academic year in September 1996.

Annunciation Catholic Academy is a parish school committed to fulfilling the Church’s mandate to teach the Gospel and the tenets of our Catholic faith. Guided by the Holy Spirit, the Academy strives to teach as Jesus taught and affirm the value of living as Jesus lived. Annunciation Catholic Academy is committed to preparing its students to have hearts that are burning to know, love, and serve God by loving and serving others.

Annunciation Catholic Academy is a parish school which strives to provide a stimulating environment in which each child can develop their potential spiritually, intellectually, socially, and physically. We endeavor to promote a process of independent thinking, active learning, and responsible living in a global and technological society, which will become the basis of an active Christian life. Annunciation Catholic Academy believes that parents and guardians must be actively involved in the learning process of the child and support the school. Both home and school must form a partnership to successfully enrich the heart, soul and mind of each child.