Fr. Ivan Olmo


Patricia Kahle


Voicemail: 3208

    Misty Merritt

    Assistant Principal

    Voicemail: 3209

      Kate Waters

      Guidance Counselor

      Voicemail: 3204

        School Board

        Fr. Ivan Olmo Annunciation Catholic Church, Pastor
        Patricia Kahle Annunciation Catholic Academy, Principal
        Jackie Smith President
        Mark Comia Annunciation Catholic Church, Operations and Finance
        Mike Bayhi
        John Bisigni
        Andrea Carkhuff
        Sean Dennis
        Krista Dusey
        Renee Flanagan
        John Jockin
        Nick Mergo
        Matthew Szczepaniec

        Home and School Board

        Stacy Kenyon President
        Shauna Labbee Vice President
        Stevie Dennis Treasurer/Secretary
        Vonnie Whitlock Programs and Events
        Nicole Roy Programs and Events Assistant
        Melissa Wilson Programs and Events Assistant
        Vicki Casas Walk-a-thon Committee
        Jeylynn Mesa Walk-a-thon Committee
        Bonnie Frith Walk-a-thon Committee
        Kelly Blomquist Faculty Representative
        Dawn Warren Fall Fundraising
        Brianna Smithey Fall Fundraising Assistant
        Juliana Feisthammel Fall Fundraising Assistant
        Robin Dunkerley Sponsorship
        Robyn Valencic Homeroom Parent Coordinator
        Priscilla Buckley Homeroom Parent Coordinator
        Betsy McCormick Historian
        Marie Crotty Volunteer Coordinator
        MarySusan Williams Volunteer Coordinator

        Thank you to our Home and School Board for their support of our students and staff.