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Annunciation Catholic Academy Serving Others: 

Sister Maria, Sister Rachel,  Mrs. Nettles and members of our National Junior Honor Society helped our fifth grade classes make rosaries to send to a mission in need.  The fifth grade classes started making rosaries for missions in need 18 years ago.  Rosaries were made in preparation for fifth grade’s visits to the Basilica of the National Shrine of  Mary, Queen of the Universe.  Priests would bless the rosaries and the students would pray the rosary for those who would receive them as they walked outside on the beautiful Rosary Walk.  In the past 18 years, well over 2,000 rosaries have been made and sent to many missions as far away as Nigeria, Kenya, India and Haiti.  Some of our parishioners have taken the rosaries to their home countries and helped distribute them.  Annunciation has typically received a hand-written thank you letter from a priest or sister who’s community was a recipient of the rosaries.  The notes expressed their sincere appreciation and the impact the rosaries had made on those in the missions where they ministered.  This is a very rewarding ministry for Annunciation students.

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ACA Rosary making

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