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  The primary students learn the meaning of living their faith by participating in class, school and parish outreach programs.  They donate socks and clothing to poor children through the parish  Be An Angel program at Christmas and supply toiletries as well as books to the homeless children of Seminole County throughout the year with  Bags of Hopea program started by a family in the parish.  The students’ support of our sister Diocese in the Dominican Republic has been outstanding.  The children have contributed bikes, shoes and school supplies to children in the Catholic schools of remote mountain villages. During Advent students wrap gifts that are donated to a local children’s hospital and assisted living facilities. Students participate in the Scholastic Cares reading program through which the Scholastic company donates 100 books to needy children once each participating class reads 100 books!  One of the most rewarding service activities involves  kindergarten students performing at an assisted living facility at Thanksgiving.

Special Events

Kindergarteners take part in a Halloween Fun Day which includes a parade of Little Saints. In the spring of each year, the Kindergarteners host a bake sale for the school community. They end the year with a Farewell Tea. First graders invite dads into their classroom in March in honor the feast day of St. Joseph. The first grade children honor their mothers with a Mother’s Day Tea in May. Second graders are preparing for two sacraments throughout the school year; Reconciliation and First Eucharist.

Buddy Program
Each student in the primary grades has a buddy! Kindergarteners have an eighth grade buddy who escorts them to mass and models good church manners. These buddies also work together throughout the year on other academic activities. First graders attend school masses with their seventh grade buddies. In addition, first graders have third grade buddies to give them an opportunity to share books and practice reading skills. Second grade students are buddies with the fifth grade students. The fifth grade students model good reading practice to the younger students.

Grandparent’s Day

Grandparent's Day

Grandparent’s Day

Grandparent’s Day is an annual event held the Friday before First Holy Communion. Grandparents are invited to share a morning with their grandchild on campus. The children take pride in sharing their accomplishments with their grandparents on this very special day.

Bake Sale

The Kindergarten Bake Sale is an activity held each spring to enhance the Kindergarten Economics Unit. The Kindergarten and eighth grade buddies donate baked goods for the sale. The entire school community is invited to attend. The money earned is donated to various organizations, such as the Smile Train.

Field Trips
Kindergarten attends numerous field trips in our local community. For example, Kindergarteners explore the fire and police stations to enhance the Fire Safety Unit. They attend seasonal field trips such as the pumpkin patch. They attend a play and visit the zoo. First grade visits the Seminole State College Planetarium to enhance concepts learned in science. They also attend a theatre production to see literature brought to life. In the first half of the year, second grade students attend a play at a local community theatre. The focus of this field trip is to learn proper audience etiquette. In the winter, the children visit Barberville Pioneer Settlement to learn about early Pioneer Life, as part of the Social Studies curriculum.

Sacramental Preparation

2014 May 4-529- by Jim Siegel-LThe children receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation and First Eucharist with the parish community. Reconciliation preparation takes place in the first half of the school year with First Reconciliation taking place in November. The second half of the year is devoted to preparation for the Eucharist which takes place in May. First Communicants are also an important part of the May Crowning Ceremony with the academy community.

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